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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 9, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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right up from the south. i goin s a read s ♪ your word is...cow. burlington itself and up into cow. cow. c...o...w... ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ northeast philly and lower bucks ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ...e...i...e...i...o. county. showing us the showers coming ♪ turn around [buzzer] dangnabbit. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. around and very little in delaware and huh showers earlier this afternoon. e and fiber so my wife nwon't give me any more flack ♪ it doesn't really fall apart as we go through the night. ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ it's even more showers here into the morning rush. ♪ we have a wet pattern here and we had that beautiful weekend and we will see how long the wet pattern stays. right now a warning to women who use a popular chester county trail after an incident that may be part of a pattern. the woman said she was followed by a man at 8:30 this morning along county line road. this is the same area where a >> news. jogger was attacked. 10,000 customers are without
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power. >> doylestown, newtown. . >> >> first alert weather radar keith jones, do they believe showing the rain moving through they were connected? >> looking into this, the woman homesteahe said minutecod fore ar insurance. right now. we will get the latest from it's because of an issue at a mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. was stalked. by a guy on a bike on and off substation. power is being rerouted as they glenn "hurricane" schwartz in two minutes. >> we learned dot will delay a the trail. let me show you what the trail work on the issues. major project at the start th hopeo looks like on the edge of the tonight because of the weather. soon. >> wl keep you updated on workers will rebuild and widen development. the woman was walking her dog on i-95 northbound from girard to the trail and noticed the man father's day. they tal important allegheny. it is for companies to support the work is set to start with a dark complexion wearing a tomorrow. it is the second largest project gray cap and wind breaker following her on a bike. ever on i-95 in philadelphia. that suspect never attacked her working parents. they spoke about his decision to just a few weeks ago. >> a criminal complaint shows police say this guy in this for the birth of his day to be the truck driver charged in the police sketch tried to sexually deadly accident had not clept for more than 24 hours before assault a woman who was jogging. the crash. child. coming they will one person was kill and four he was able to get away and police tell us they are looking summit on working parents. others hurt including tracy >> good for him. into whether the guy stalks the a lot of the sales targeting woman on the trail this morning. morgan. his publicist said he is in the superintendent of police is fathers. critical condition, but more urging people on the trail to be >> not thecoted happening now,dent responsive. ridge is lept to make sure they at 4:00. >> june is the month to take have cell phones with them at a welced the champions to all times and travel in pairs if the white house. advantage of special bargains. it was a connecticut sweep this what will be che aof t sme they are heading out with their tms with the u-conn huskies mes >> we take a closer look at the safety in mind. >> weakin a look at the deals going on right now. reporting live in the digital radar and just about all the >> places like hope depot and operations center, keith jones, nc tene t av of nbc 10 news. sears could be a good place to >> in a matter of hour, penn dot
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shop in june. philadelphia. not necessarily because of there is a flood advisory until will begin one of the largest chanihi men's summer projects, but selective construction projects ever in >> the weather tis sho 6:30. the heavy downpours and we start philadelphia. taking a live look at traffic in rough the area. discounts. look for deals on tools, both i-95 and ray street, this is one to see slightning as well. ts a hand tools and power tools. end of the three-mile speaking of power, electric construction zone. workers are rebuilding and razors should hit the bargain house any day now. widening northbound from gerard to allegheny. why would they be on sale right the 3project is expected to las now? they go further than father's day. four years. dishes and home decor are often matt, why now? @(t&háhp &hc& discounted because of wedding >> reporter: we are on delaware presents. they are put on sale it get you avenue under i-95. in the door. it seems way premature to talk traffic is already slowing do about back to school shopping, e sh ady down for rush hour. i have been talking to drivers but some shop their deals in who said they were tired of sticking in the traffic. late june. they realize it is likely going victoria's secret said you can to get worse by tomorrow. get the bargains now online. look for deals from department stores as well. this is how northbound i-95 not everything is a darg an in looks on an off peak time with june. you missed the memorial day sales on the car lots. traffic. in six thi that means the next best time to ll ch>> nun rh tha drot buy a car won't be until july endot,gidlo 4th weekend. while june is certainly a great time to barbecue, it's not a a half mile stretch south of
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great time to buy a grill. for that you want to wait until gerard. after july 4th. at 10:00 p.m., the they have that's the same with patio furniture if you are looking to thinner lanes and extend another save money. mile and a half. >> it's a massive amount of wait a month for barbecues, e sh work. so much of i-95 is elevated. these are large viaducts. oates: she's an y tiger chair, gazebos. travel could be a bargain. they are not just simple bridges they quote best as to rebuild. saying there could be a >> it's the second largest in mid-month blowout sale on fares penn dot history, 1 that won't hall: she's a mangobblerte r for travel between august 25th and december 18th with the be done until 2018. exception of course of >> they say another 40 years. thanksgiving week. >> drivers make it a point to tracy davidson. wchup she' &at nbc 10 news. avoid this highway. >> it's congested from the northeast to here. there has been construction going on for years i feels >> another great weekend across the area. that's the third one in a row. like. >> four more years. penn dot tells me if they can can we make it four? get it done sooner, they will, we have the summer showers that return along with the humidity but this is the latest phase. and that means we will be the southbound side will undergo the same treatment and some say they already experienced dealing with rain on several 30-minute delays and they are days. bracing themselves now for th pt natna the a we have rain in parts of the
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bigger delays come tomorrow area with skies that are dark. commander for the u.s. army valley forge recruiting company 79 degrees and feels like 81 was there to help betsyai in thy morning. with the higher humidity. live, i'm matt delucia. first time we had a heat index both the >> live cam ares from, long the above the temperature in quite a born here in ia.ilry ence shut while. construction zone, logon and temperatures are closer to average for this time of year. down of th b we were 84 both saturday and trick on traffic. sunday. the humidity was low. delaware, timfu dell dotd they today is 80 degrees, but fairly >> this is a terrible accident. high humidity. tomorrow will be pretty humid as >> did you just call? well. maybe up around 82 degrees with >> i'm just calling it in. call that suggests otherwise. i more showers around. >> the 911 recordings of people who witnessed the deadly crash right now we see fairly big contrast in temperatures. with actor tracy morgan. only 71 in allentown and 72 in several people called it in saturday morning. quakertown. 70 in coatsville. 24 hours without sleep is what the criminal complaint said those are rain-cooled. about kevin roper, the truck driver charged in the accident they are raining pretty hard. on the jersey turnpike that mid 70s and right at theer critically injured tracy morgan. shore near 70 degrees with the >> it smashed into the back of wind coming in off that now. his limo bus. 70 degree ocean. this is a flood advisory. one was killed and four others once again here's the hurt. they have been going through the pennsylvania turnpike and the
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criminal complaint. what have you learned? >> i want to show this to you. extension and on both sides is where we had that rain. we got our hands on the police report and it gave us a closer look into what led up to the localized flooding along that deadly crash. >> at this moment, wal-mart line. we can't see it move very much. that's the problem. truck driver kevin roper is hardly any rain in the state of locked up in the middle sex county jail. delaware. he was driving recklessly when right along within ten miles or his wal-mart truck struck the so. we have quite a bit of rain and rear of this limo van and caused another heavy shower in central it to flip. county. killed is james mcnair who was riding in the limo. lower montgomery county. also in the limo, actor comedian blue bell getting smashed right now. tracy morgan. you can see more and more according to this document, he had not slept for more than 24 lightning showing up on the hours. >> if he was on 24 hours, there radar. we have the other showers going straight east all the way to the shouldn't be a penalty coming trenton area. his way. this heavier shower continues to >> prosecutors tell me he is weaken as it is going past the changed with death by auto and township into west windsor. four counts of assault by auto. at least a part of that area is police are investigating the criminal aspect of the crash and weakening. this is the area that is really the national transportation getting the severe weather today safety board is investigating and tomorrow. it's going to take much of the taking a closer look at issues
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week before that would get like fatigue. anywhere near us. >> most class acts, they keep for the rest of the night, it's not like we are going to get track of your hours like we keep this for another couple of hours and it's gone. watch what happens with the track of it in our truck. future. we see more showers develop >> coming up at 5:00, we look at during the night with the what laws are in place to keep morning rush. hond a that's during the afternoon rush. it's going to be hit and miss with the tropical downpours. heeae accide to spoke as he was leaving the we expect a bit of a break as we he l ariver hospital this weekend. go into wednesday. >> it was unreal. it will pick up again later in the week and that should be the i didn't know what happened. most active weather of the week. thursday and friday. the showers, some of them heavy, shattering glass and things like that. humid all night tonight. it all happened so fast. humid during the day tomorrow. more showers around. >> that's tyrone gale, the man locally heavy. driving the limousine carrying highs in the low 80s. morgan and his friends the night of the crash. to hear more of his interview, go to our website at nbc on wednesday more in the way of right now at 4:30, t first fog and showers. also critically injured in the it really gets active began on alert weather team is tracking thursday and friday with the rain thr p our area.meteologista crash, the passengers are still in the hospital right now. mess in the middle of the country and it may improve just hares and i another passenger it time for a great weekend was treat and released. number four.
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storms. >> this reminder. nnd ahanc o >> there could be a couple of jiold don't forget about the grant thunderstorms involved and most new jersey governor chris are rain showers and the high challenge for the local christie's chief of staff humidity with a tropical air nonprofits. 21st century solutions. testified in trenton. he told lawkers he played no mass. there is a $50,000 grant we have downpours and even available. though it's not raining in most we want to help good ideas turn role in the retribution ievestr into great ones. of the area, delaware toouth applications are being accepted jersey is dry where it is. until august 8th. for more information and to reinth tt too with it either.wae much of that is right along the apply, go to nbc >> a whale sighting at the turnpike. chester county all the way in jersey shore. hear from the boater who shot through montgomery county and this video. all the way to trend on. we will show you this in a little bit. partake your word for it. mor f ing christi e it's not really moving much ace taco14 win trb north. sipreeague wre activfaf oe south oflul i lowersoss r getting hit with heavy aevywasve ors. so they get a two for one today. rain although this cell is not mal and they are getting that's what they consider it as hit hard with those showers. they protest this republican future weather showing us that governor's association and there isws deloping fund-rais fund-raiser. governor christie was in camden du nighere w tandoore earlier and he said he is making
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it a priority to support governor corbett regardless of with u tf thd that'o ektalk about which b wo r are>> poll numbers. >> i believe in governor corbett. >> governor christie, the head call over theer i of the governor's association has been standing next to wilmon you can h expginhe governor corbett a lot lately. itheridge wasotshut d u they dodged protesters and welcomed supporters in the sandwich shop in pittsburgh reu hince brn resnse fmdoday? >>e skinqutionre.n, a$orreeyet t au ande a together. >> it never gets boring. >> even in camden, students thha. pudirtl appliperm th since last week showed interest in the t on the timeamamra.more aspirations. political observers say it's another reason he is helping the beleaguered campaign. >> he's a serious contender and tablalgi spo oblem. they tookourpe needs to build allies. a bus who problem inwa he has been pivotal and if he i wl survives the campan he will fe a strong sense of dt to ris e. angpi >> wn governor chre said of courseshinking thinaythg'on>> for usi, emergency. there may be something seriously t at,utge wrong withat
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>> t yaveuy sai he called dell there will be r donors here toni b f he would check the two governors may have to that was in a walk this gaunt the of closed in. have beeninuthat protesters. report to see if anye live in center city, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> earlier today, governor inspte. henkiough i chstie visited camden and stopped by a half dozen schools yol aquesons. and community groups. outhsts then chageil tamde around. it clipped the wing around 7:00 was g aeit aery truck. camden has a safer this morning. only five cw members were on board at the time and they were city. people have to know their not hurt. the passengers who had not yet s toor jobs in th boarded were placed on different flights. a southwest airlines plane in available in the city or economic development. boston collided with a jet blue he aedor with plane on the ground at log international this morning. th es.gramor the massachusetts port authorith d spngntyil peple.neurut wings talking with teachers and of the plane here was also damaged. this morning. students about what's working in ere learn me about a hatetai ho
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their schools and where they are struggling. jerry sandusky c sexiohewas h despite having a challenge student population, they have state. the sooe eporn to b 100% participation rate in ng after kathleenaiordered tion student-teacher conferences. why charges were not filed sooner against sandusky. the tribunead report that ierro >> a higher education ttinvestm. . talk about whale watching. you are seeing video and >> president obama promises from the attorney pictures of a giant mammal student loan relief and gera the time, tom announced the p you earn corbett. he had flit cal motivations tt captured close to the jersey program to all federal student slow down the investigation, but shore. >> some people say more are loan borrowers to allow them to corbett denies accusations. being seen this year. pay no more than 10% in student nbc 10's jersey shore bureau >> now from trentbuauow back toe reporter is live. loan payments. run o elect next you spoke with a man who came in caught on video, a truck runs a red light right here. ericackson you got the to within feet of one of the and crashes right into a school most in the mayoral whales. >> reporter: that's right. bus. the driver of that truck told he was pretty amazed when he had will choose between them. that encounter. was convictedf officers he was distracted when some experts believe the whales he went through this are coming closer to shore this interaction. it was at 18th and 66th streets brery,frndexion. spring because they are in the west oak lane section of he will begin five-year following food and that is philadelphia. providing for a number of close ad school and there were four sentence. today he was talking
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education, but later this week, children on board at the time encounters. and none of the kids or the chris christie will be looking for driver was hurt. onight tv. >> they first is you it from a gun ve wl be the christie will be a guest on the distance. a spoud from a hump back whale focus of a council meeting tonight show starring jimmy and a few minutes later -- the happening in about three hours in potstown. fallon thursday night. massive creature came within ten the cmittee said since may his first late night visit since feet of the kayak howie allen the bridge ut not the 18th, there hen five and his daughter were in. first late night comedy. gun-related crimes in the he appeared on fallon three >> he's a 40 footer. community. they want the council president times before the star took over >> a quarter mile or so from the to step down. tonight back in febrry they are also invitll comde whales in the water off of beach. >> it was alarming when he came up behind us that last time. jersey shore. a boater captured this i had no idea what his plan was. we have new information in th00owsu the battle over a liquor license what brings themo is he going to come underneath we sit down with the experts to. in delaware county. us and roll us? a judge ruled it would not be >> it stayed calm before swimming off. detrimental to the neighborhood, plus finding a balance for it was one of several close to but earlier this year they granted the college a liquor working moms and dad says. the coastline. license for the new hotel on details focusing the role ofmo this one made quite a splash and campus. they said it would create a crew member aboard the ferry all new tonight on the news underage drinking and noise at 5:00, on the move and on the captured video of a company back problems. take.nbc 1ideod t in the bay last week. the weather isetting this is a time of year when the warmer and kids are looking to three times inod a locst whales are migrating from the stay cool. caribbean to canada and some >> the philadea re rtmets to makef local whale watching operators say they are seeing more closer the creeks and rivers. today fire officials introduced trying to stop him from committing his next ime. to shore than normal. the program to students at the possibly due it an influx of fish that the whales eat.
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nst >> they are looking for food as shorn tht few s,ar p hleimmingms riererhe age they swim north and they are feeding. >> with so many whales around, marine mammal experts are of 16. one was kimberly's 13-year-old warning boaters to be especially careful. that part of the story will be son, brand on who died in the rate at 5:5. creek last july. i'm ted greenberg, nbk 10 news. it's just amazing how strong >> next on the news at 5:00, it is. i would have never guessed it. tragedy in paradise. >> a local man dies in a hawaiian vacation. i'm a little bitter because imed power to the people. the proposal that would let local residents do something d ian p my kid would be here. with their tax dollars that they never have been able to do >> in the city streams and creeks have not only been dangerous, but it's also before. glen? >> we are starting the week illegal. the kids made a pledge not to go filled with a chance of showers and storms. just like that. which areas are the most likely in. families will have a safe place to get hit and when in my swim this summer. the mayor announced all city seven-day forecast. >> repeat offenders. pools will open this year. the same suspect strikes at they will open sometime next least three times in local neighborhoods. week. >> announcing a round of job police are trying to prevent him from committing a fourth crime. cuts and it's affecting nearly 100 workers. that's next on the news at 5:00.
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95 employees will be laid off. morphowill have hours cut. that includes the hospitals along with several out patient facilities. the cuts are due to declining hospital admissions and decreasing insurance reimbursements. they employ about 6,000 workers. in the wake of the veterans administration hospital investigation, the senior senator is addressing a critical !. soreby bcartage in the state. y!riy . cres he..needu hea. pennsylvania hospitals and ah! zeai what i?u wa .co ind was weeway f >> as the baby boomers age, this problem is growing rapidly. even as we are beginning to see the positive results from the affordable care act, more people get health care and we will neat more practitioners to deliver. >> from medical colleg, ty project we will have a shortage of 90,000 doctors by 2020
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nationwide. more than 57,000 veterans have been waiting 90 days or more for medical appointments. >> that's according to an internal audit just released by the veterans affairs department. nbc 10 national correspondent takes a closer look. phoenix was far worse than most. investigators turned up the list throughout the 731 hospital va systems. 57,000 vets waiting for appointments after 90 days. 64,000 patients over the past ten years that never got seen. investigators fountain overly complicated scheduling process. confusion among clerks and supervisors and 13% of schedulers ordered to falsify dates. some hospitals had longer waits. the va had 35 days for new tients. one day for established ones. the va makes about six million appointments a month so just 2% of patients suffered long waits.
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>> any percentages bad news. the fact that it's low is encouraging. >>ed the american legion demanded va secretary resign. no regrets. >> all the american legion wanted was to mak sure that . >> nbc 10 is learning more about congress knew about it and the the weekend crash that killed administration knew about it. >> now the white house does. man and injured comedian tracy >> being able to review the data morgan. the georgia truck driver accused should help us not just decide smashing into his limo bus had on the scope orermine the not slept for more than 24 hours when the collision happened. scope of the probl, but to evaluate those reforms that the he was due in court today. >> that are has been postponed president's committee has. until wednesday and he is free >> more than 20 senators demand while tracy morgan remains in the fbi step in. critical condition. >> they are not only scheduling and falsification. nbc 10 reporter harry hairston >> you think there may be crimes spent the day talking to truck involved? >> there may well be. drivers and examining the rules >> the secrets are finally of the road. coming out. i'm steve handelsman, nb 10 harry? news. >> we have a state by state >> new technology. break down of our area. the audit shows in pennsylvania he apparently dozed off and had more than 1500 new enrollees not slept for more than 24 hours. waited more than 60 days for an truck drivers i talked to was
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appointment. rityf from today's technology that never philadelphia. in new jersey, 67 veterans have should have happened. >> i have 19 minutes befe i been waiting up to three months for an appointment and in have to take a half hour lunch. delaware 41 parents arewa ame0ah >> he pushes his big rig day in and day out. what he won't push are the theicte i o2 l for f hours. the company uses technology to reviewait make sure he doesn't. >> we're need to pull over within a half hour. i have to take a half hour break. >> the computer is known as an e law that closely monitors every we are tracking showers and heavy rain through the area. minute the driver is on the job. this is time 4r57s video taken from the camera high atop of the he said if he goes one minute past the break time, the monitor mellon building. a lot of places n the notifies his company and the department of transportation. it's a good downpour. >> it's like the trend of the it's summertime and we hav future. >> this is a private the humidity is bac and fog owner-operator, but he hooz too ot to acwell has e log installed in his rig. >> ours is hooked up and they liket we saw this past monitor it closely. faen lyy ahea >> kevin was hauling with his rig when it crashed into the rear of tracy
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it's cooler than it was yesterday. a lot more clouds around. humidity is 66%. we are in the low 70so ern delaware not seeing any rain and the ocean temperature up to 70 degrees for the fir time in season. the showers knocked the plen out of the air. nd of l tay and is low this .ium for much of the week u can seeels frly dry right now. extreme south jersey has a clusr of hvy showers andalg the from chester to montgomerand into bucks. most of it north of the city of philadelphia itself. the heaviest is just now getting into norristown. you can see a heavy cell here. it comes down hard and the visibility gets knocked down and the eastern portion of this is in the upper portion of
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burlington county and southern bucks going into mercy county. once again, pretty heavy rain at times. you can see just north of florence and west of bordentown, new jersey. this is the main area of action that we are seeing right now. way, way back to the west in the middle of the country and that affects us later this week. here's the future weather. you can see the east to west band. the computer has aandle nd ao ut whavy a howers p we are seeing now, but there is ra ie d and in the middle of the night. just because tre not rain now, it will stay dry and here's the morning rush that has showers around. it's a fairly wet pattern when you get a break on wednesday. wednesday things are a lot drier
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and it gets stormy towards the end of the week. showers, some of it heavy. some in the morning and some in the afternoon or evening en theayca th pattern changes in time for the weekend again. we could have another nice one coming up. >> he's a 40 footer. >> massive whales coming close to people at the jersey shore.s away. >> what may be driving up an apparent increase in whale findings. >> that doesn't look right. something's wrong. >> a 911 call reveals concerns id reing officials why
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they waio s >> summersavings. het buys for
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